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By on October 17, 2016
My absolute favorite thing in the world is baby wearing my little one. I have been baby wearing her since she was just a few weeks old and I know it has given so much strength to our bond. Everywhere we go we have to have the carrier close by because at any second she will want me to hold her and run up to me chirping, “Pouch!”
When she was younger I could spend an entire day out and about with her in the carrier, but ever since she started walking she craves independence and wants to walk beside me. I love holding her handand having walk her next to me. It’s amazing to me that in a matter of months she went from not being able to hold her head up, to holding my hand and walking next to me.

Two crucial things I have used a carrier for is nap time and nursing. If she is in the carrier there is a 99% chance that she is either sleeping or breastfeeding. Both of those things wouldn’t be possible on the go without a carrier and have made day to day life so much easier.

I have always tried to listen my daughter’s cues and I have never enforced a schedule onto her. I don’t think that having a schedule is bad thing, but for me and my lifestyle it was rather unnecessary stress. For me it was more important that she ate when she was hungry and she napped when she was tired. With that came days that she would nap for hours in the carrier and not want to transfer, which my back was not happy about. Looking back I couldn’t be happier with my choice though because I know that the bond we have was strengthened from all those hours upon hours of holding her close to me.

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By on October 5, 2016

I was recently interviewed by friend Corri from Glitter and Bubblesas a Rad Mom. In the interview one of the questions she asked me was, “Give us a glimpse into the timeline of an average day from the time you wakeup until you go to bed.”

I was completely trumped by this question because my instinctive response was “It’s complete chaos until one of us falls asleep.” And that used to be true, but it’s not anymore, and it was a great reminder to wake up everyday and be grateful for where my family is now and to make the most of it. Ever since this interview and making this schedule I noticed we have had easier and happier days together.

An average day for us at home looks like this:

8:00-8:30Wake Up

8:30-9:30Breakfast for Lila (yogurt and fruit) while she watches Elmo or Sofia the First. During this hour I do most of my daily workload.

9:30-10:30I do circuits of walking/jogging/sprinting with Lila in the jogger

10:30-11:30Lunchtime. We will either stop by the market on our jog and get fresh fish or chicken, if not we keep a well stocked fridge of choices.

11:30-12:30I give Lila an after lunch bath and get her into jammies.

12:30 – 3:30 *ideally* Lila takes a nap while I do computer work finishing anything that didn’t get done in the morning.

3:30 – 5:30Afternoon walk and outdoor play.

5:30 – 6:30Dinnertime. I make dinner while Lila plays with her toys and a show plays, then we eat dinner together.

6:30 – 7:30Playtime in Lila’s room.

7:30 – 8:30I give Lila a bath, put her jammies, and get her to sleep for the night.

8:30 – 10:30During this time I catch up on any work I wasn’t able to get done during nap time, and this is when my husband gets home from work. Once he gets home we have our nightly “Netflix & Snacks” and catch each either up on our days.

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By on October 4, 2016
We never had a terrible time with diaper changes, although some required much more effort on my part to supply distractions. I noticed the times where my daughter was playing and I would pick her up to get her diaper changed she was resistant. I finally decided to come to her when it was time for a diaper change.
I’m pretty big into Slow Parenting and also like to create as little rules as possible that aren’t safety related. A minor issue we were facing was diaper changing becoming more and more taxing. When I heard about the Ubbi Diaper Storage Caddy I checked it out and was amazed by how well received the product was from the reviews.
I decided to give it a try and I was amazed at the instant improvement it made. The ease of picking up the diaper caddy and taking it to my daughter wherever she may be when it’s time for a diaper change leaves her much less frustrated. I simply lay her down instead of transporting her and it makes all the difference.
The caddy itself comes with a soft, easy-to-clean changing mat and a slot to store it in. That way wherever you take the caddy there’s a mat to lay your babe down on. The Ubbi Wipes Dispenser has a convenient window to check when wipes are getting low, which I really love. There’s also a drawer where I store a diaper cream and a small toy in case she still needs a minor distraction.

The ever changing location of the diaper change leaves my little one completely unfazed and sometimes she doesn’t even notice. If your little is having trouble with diaper changes,  maybe they just need a traveling location.

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