Hotel Airfare Hack: Want A Change Of Scenery From Los Angeles But Would Rather Not Fly? Head To San Diego

We love weekend trips, but loath air travel. If you’re like us and you enjoy hotels and a change of scenery but would rather not fly, and you’re within a few hour drive of San Diego, the Fairmont Grand Del Mar is literally the nicest place you can stay without flying, and arguably even if you did fly. 
Before this weekend we had never been to a Fairmont Hotel, so we didn’t really know what we were missing, but now that we’ve experienced it there’s probably no going back. We’re spoiled now.

The two hour drive from LA went by really fast, Lila watched Inside Out and didn’t look up until we were there. As soon as we started up the long driveway to the hotel we knew it was going to be special. The hotel grounds are sprawling and are covered by a gorgeous golf course as well as beautiful hiking trails. 

As soon as you pull up at the roundabout you are greeted by some of the most wonderful staff I’ve ever met, starting with the valet and a bell hop who insist on opening every door, and unloading everything for you. The lobby is filled with holiday decor and the front desk has a giant treasure chest filled with toys so that each child can choose one on their way in.
The hotel interior is stunning especially with all of the holiday decorations around every corner. Each of us were amazed as we made the short walk to our room just how ornate and beautiful the whole place is. The amazement didn’t stop when we opened the door to our room either, the place was stunning, I mean, just look at the pictures!

Our room was on the third floor and the balcony overlooked a picturesque hillside as well as some of the golf course and immediately Lila wanted to open up the big sliding glass doors and take it all in. The bedroom was spacious and furnished with gorgeous and ornate pieces. The bathroom was gigantic with a massive bath tub, amazing shower with a TV in view, oversized closet, and tons of cabinets and drawers. Our favorite part of the room was the opening between the bathroom and bedroom that made the whole place feel like one giant space while it was open.

The hotel features two huge pools, several giant hot tubs, a kids pool, a fitness center, an incredible spa, tennis courts, and obviously the golf course. We thoroughly enjoyed the pool that was heated warm enough to swim in December. Another must was dining at Amaya, the on site restaurant. The food was as good as the hotel was beautiful, and many of their items are even available for room service which meant we enjoyed them several times throughout our stay.

So long story short, you know how sometimes you can’t wait to get back to your own bed after a trip? Well, this time we can’t wait to get back to Fairmont Grand Del Mar as soon as we possibly can. So save yourself some airfare, and book a stay there, you’ll be glad you did.

See more details of the hotel and plan your trip:

Fairmont Grand Del Mar



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