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By on September 27, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Something that has always been missing from Lila’s room is a bed. She has coslept with me since the day she was born, so we never really needed a crib for her. When she was about a year and a half old I transformed our second bedroom from an office to a playroom. It was a really fun project and I loved being able to give her a room of her very own. I also loved that all of her toys were in one place it made it easier to  keep chaos out of the living room.

Even though she didn’t have a bed, she had a DockATot laying on the floor for her to use if she wanted to read books in it or lay down on. What she really loved to do was get a blanket and tuck in her babies like they were going to sleep. It was really sweet. It’s been over a year since we have had this set up and it seems like she has outgrown it. The opportunity came up to get her a bed and it could’t have come at a more perfect time.

I knew I wanted her to have a floor bed because I have always loved the idea of it. It is also a common Montessori practice, and I try to incorporate Montessori as much as possible in our home. I am so excited to share with you her bed frame! I probably won’t have it set up until the end of the month so stay tuned for that.

Today I want to focus on sharing with you whywe chose Tomorrow Sleep. Below I have highlighted all of the special reasons we love their sleep system. If  you have any questions please leave me a comment and I’ll answer it best I can. There is also a MAJOR coupon code for you, so scroll to the bottom to grab it.


Mattress: We ordered a twin sized, medium firm, hybrid mattress. The hybrid construction combines cooling high-density memory foam with a breathable, supportive coil system in the perfect balance of cool comfort and support for real, restorative sleep. All the foams in the Tomorrow Sleep mattress have environmental certifications that ensure they are safe and non-toxic. Our polyurethane foams (memory foam, transition foam, and poly support foam) are CertiPUR certified. Designed and made in the USA. Other major perks are a 100 day trial, free 2-3 day shipping, and a 10-year limited warranty. You can get $100 off any mattress with code: 


Mattress Protector:mattress protector was a must have item for me. Water spills, potty accidents, and anything else in between. This is waterproof shield you can’t feel and guards from spills and dirt. It’s basically the best insurance policy for your mattress, whether it’s for your toddler or you.


Monitor:The sleeptracker monitor is something we are not going to use for quite a while, but it’s so awesome that I have to share it with you. The Sleeptracker Monitor analyzes your sleep cycles, breathing rate, heart rate and movement to offer personalized suggestions for better sleep. It monitors whether you are in light sleep, deep sleep or REM, and knows how much time you spend in each stage. Then it will offer feedback and tips to help you progress each night. Crazy cool, right?


Drapes: Blackout drapes need to be on every single baby registry. How are they not? We have only had them for a few weeks and I already can’t live without them. These are designed to blackout 90% of light from your sleeping area. They also help control the temperature in your space, keeping out extreme cold and heat making a perfect climate that’s essential to restorative sleep. Shown in photos: two drapes in color linen.


Pillows: Since I still nurse her to sleep I got two pillows. One for me and one for her. For me I chose the memory foam pillow, it’s a two sided memory foam bed pillow that is designed to feel cool on one side and cozy on the other. I am always so uncomfortable when I stand up after getting her to sleep, but this pillow has relieved so much discomfort that I am used to feeling. For Lila I went with the Plush Pillow. Boy does the name fit this pillow because it is  p l u s h. It is designed for cushy comfort and is a hypoallergenic. It’s the perfect option for all types of sleepers, it has a silky soft sateen surface, and is more dense than down for added neck support. Certified by the Allergy & Asthma Foundation of America.


Sheets & Comforter: Tomorrow Sleep’s Sheet Set is made of 100% USA grown Supima cotton and is a luxurious 500 thread count. It has a super soft feel and get be beat when it comes to touch. The sheets are super breathable and have a light crisp feel. Tomorrow Sleep’s Comforter is an all-season lofty comforter designed to help keep you at just the right temperature as you sleep. It’s a 300 thread count surface and down-alternative filling come together in an evenly plush quilt.


I was so excited to get this in Lila’s room and set up for her. The first day I tried to put her down for a nap (and she never naps!) and it was a miracle that she did. It was the best thing ever. She was all tucked in and looked like such a big girl. She slept for about two hours and I was too busy sneaking snacks and happy dancing to actually get anything productive done. Haha. It has been so fun to see her love her new bed. She literally never wants to leave her room anymore.


I hope everyone has a great week and here is the coupon code again in case you missed it: You can get $100 off any mattress with code: 


Celeste Wright


*This post has been sponsored by Tomorrow Sleep. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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By on September 12, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Today I am sharing with you one of the ways I have chose to incorporate Montessori into our home. There are so many different ways incorporate Montessori and today I wanted to share with you how we have Lila’s Closet set up. I will soon be sharing more ways we incorporate Montessori at home and you will be able to find all the posts under the category Montessori as this series grows.


Now on to Lila’s Closet

There is so much that I like about having her closet set up this way. Everything is accessible to her and she can easily pick out whatever it is she is looking for. The length of her clothing rod is way smaller than the length of a closet rod, so there is less to put on it and less pick from. This is actually makes it easier when creating an outfit, especially for a toddler. I can say, “Okay Lila, go pick your outfit.” and when she comes back with a pink shirt, a pink dress, and pink shoes it almost always works out because all of the options I have out for her are in the same color block.

If you reading this and just thought, what the heck is a color block? Don’t worry. It might actually not even be technically called that, that’s just what I call it but I promise I didn’t make it up. A few months ago I was reading an article that was titled “how to pack for vacation with less” or something like that. Just go with it. And basically this girl packed for a week long trip and only packed like 7 different demin colored pieces of clothing. It pretty much blew my mind and I instantly wanted that in my life. Especially for Lila! She has soooooo many different colors of clothes that it is actually overwhelming to open up my closet (we used to share a closet) and see all of them. So a few months ago when I made her clothing rack her actual closet, I only put clothes that were pink or blush or white or light gray. It really has made getting dressed so simple! So, that’s why I call it a color block even though if you google that term you’ll never find the article I’m talking about. If you do know the appropriate term for what I’m talking about would you leave it in the comments below? Thanks!


Both Lila and I love her closet. It is super child friendly, promotes independence, and adds a bit of sparkle to the room seeing all her pretty clothes.

What Makes It Montessori?

  • Transparent organizational system
  • Eye level options
  • She is able to pick out and put away her own clothes
  • Only have clothing available that is okay for the child the choose
  • Limiting quantities so making a choice isn’t overwhelming
  • An attractive, visually appealing area

In my opinion her closet is actually way too cluttered, but hey- my little lady needs her 12 pairs of shoes okay? Haha. This actually is not even a quarter of the clothes in the wardrobe- the rest of it is in my closet and I’ll only pull it out if I want her to wear something specific. I also have all of her off season clothes/shoes in there and will switch them out for things on her rack when it starts getting a little bit colder. Then there are just some things that just simply do not match her color block, (sorry yellow sandals, we still love you!) which is fine, but part of the Montessori teaching is to only have clothing available that is okay for the child to chose. I also think it would be discouraging to her if she put the effort into picking out an outfit and then I went and just switched it for something else because I didn’t want her wearing yellow sandals, with striped shirt, and a floral pants. Okay so maybe that doesn’t sound that bad- but our system works great for our home even though I might be a smidge controlling over her choices. Haha.

Actually getting the clothes on…

Lila is only two and half and for the most part still needs help getting dressed. As she gets older she will be less dependent on me to do the dressing so for now I always encourage her to try her best anyways. She is really good at putting on skirts, decent at getting on certain dresses, and excellent at taking off bottoms.

What Makes It Montessori?

When the child is learning to dress herself, help as little as possible, but enough to keep them from becoming frustrated.

Tips & Tricks

  • Lay clothing out on floor in the order they will put it on
  • Have a stool or a pillow to sit on
  • Show the child that they need to be able to to look down and see the tag or the writing on the underwear or the pants. If the clothing does end up backwards it’s fine as long as it isn’t bothering the child.
  • You can put the socks up and over toes, and let the child then pull them over the heel and up.

And, most importantly, give the child space and time. When you know that the child can do it, let them — even if you have to sit on your hands to keep from helping.



Our laundry basket for Lila’s clothes is at the right height for her eye level and she loves putting her clothes it it when she is done wearing them. She’ll always say, “Okay skirt it’s time to go in the basket!” and then she dunks it in. It’s like a total game to her or something, she loves it.

When her laundry basket reaches the top we go to the washer together and since she can’t reach the top I just have her hand me her clothes from the basket and I put them in myself. A lot of them end up on the floor and it takes forever, but she really feels like she is doing her laundry and I think that’s great. When the washer is done I’ll take her things out and hand them to her to put in the dryer. Again- a lot of them end up on the floor and it takes forever, but she really feels like she is doing her laundry and I think that’s great.

When the dryer is done it gets pretty hot so for safety I will put her clothes back in her basket. Then we will sit down together in front of her clothing rack and she helps put her clothes on their hanger and then onto her rack. She still needs help with a lot of clothes, but the ones that she can do she will do.

I really love having her closet set up this way and having complete control over what she can wear, without discouraging a choice she wants to make. Let me know in the comments if you have your toddler’s closet set up this way or if you like the idea of it. Thanks for reading.


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Disney Junior #DisneyJuniorFRiYAY Live Event

By on June 30, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Chances are everyone reading this has heard of Disney Junior. We happen to be huge fans of Disney Junior whether it’s watching shows on Disney Channel or a visit to Disneyland. A few days ago Lila and I had an amazing opportunity to attend a Disney Junior Live Event right here in Los Angeles! So keep on scrolling for behind the scenes photos of the event, inspiration for a pinterest perfect Puppy Dog Pals party, and something exciting happening every Friday all summer long of Disney Junior.

The event was held in a gorgeous home in the foothills of Enico, California. Upon arriving to the entrance of the home was decor ranging from balloons, bubbles, and even paw prints leading up the door. It was so festive and Lila was immediately in puppy dog paradise. Once walking through the door the children got to adopt a (balloon) puppy that would accompany them through the event. Lila loves her’s so much and it is still providing a good amount of entertainment in our living room.

The decor of this event was so creative and detailed. Everything was to theme of Disney Junior’s new show, Puppy Dog Pals. A few of my favorite details were the puppy dog cake pops, Fetch sticks (pretzel sticks), and the bone shaped sugar cookies.

In the backyard was a table for face painting, DIY collar (bracelet) station, and a gorgeous table set up for the children to enjoy their snacks. Lila couldn’t get enough of the toys in the backyard and went down the slide probably 50 times.

Once the children got a good amount of energy out we were invited to the family room for a premier of a brand new episode of Puppy Dog Pals on Disney Channel. I made Lila a special popcorn mixed with pretzels, goldfish, & m&m’s and she sat through the whole episode snacking away.

The best part is the fun doesn’t have to end. EVERY Friday all summer long Disney Junior will be releasing new episodes of your favorite shows airing on Friday mornings on Disney Channel. Now is that a good FRiYAY surprise or what? Below is the full schedule, which show are you most excited for? #DisneyJuniorFRiYAY

FRiYAY, 6/30 – Sofia the First @ 9am followed by an all-new Elena of Avalor
FRiYAY, 7/7 – Back to back Lion Guard starting @ 8am followed by an all-new Puppy Dog Pals
FRiYAY, 7/14– Lion Guard starting @ 8am followed by all-new Mickey & The Roadster Racers and Puppy Dog
FRiYAY,  7/21 –Lion Guard @ 8am followed by all-new Sofia The First and Elena of Avalor
FRiYAY, 7/28- Mickey & The Roadster Racers @8:30am followed by an all-new Puppy Dog Pals
FRiYAY,  8/4 – Sofia the First @ 9am
FRiYAY, 8/11 – Lion Guard @ 8am followed by all-new Mickey and the Roadster Racers  and Puppy Dog Pals
FRiYAY, 8/18 – Sofia The First @ 9am followed by an all-new Elena of Avalor

I love that Disney Junior is offering all new episodes every FRiYAY morning on Disney Channel because who doesn’t love a NEW episode of a show. I seriously get so excited for a new story, especially when I have seen the last season of the show 100 times with my toddler. Her favorite show is Sofia the First and you better believe I can quote all three seasons of the show.

I like that Lila watches Sofia the First because Sofia faces obstacles in every episode and always chooses to do the right thing. She is brave, graceful, and a great role model for little girls. I love seeing Lila completely captivated during the episodes and talking about them with her after. She always tells me, “Sofia is so brave” and when she does something brave she’ll tell me, “Mom, I’m brave like Sofia!” It really is heartwarming to have her learn life lessons from a show and apply them to her life.

This summer Disney Junior is putting the yay in FRiYAY for our family by having a weekly playdate to enjoy the new episodes and while enjoying a special treat like Mickey pancakes or maybe Disney shaped fruit snacks. I am excited to get creative every week and have something to look forward to on Friday mornings. I hope everyone will join me in watching! Leave me a comment with what show you are most excited for.
*Thank you to Disney Junior for generously sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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By on June 13, 2017

Hi Everyone!

I feel like it’s that time of the week where the town is scrambling for Father’s Day gifts. Am I right or am I crazy? Regardless I thought I would share with you some of my favorite gifts that I found this year for the different dads in my life. So no matter who you are shopping for whether it’s your husband, your dad, your brother, your neighbor, or whoever- keep reading for a great gift idea.

Edible Arrangements

This is a pretty awesome gift regardless of the occasion! For Father’s Day they went all out and designed a Fruit & Fire Bouquet which is just the coolest thing. The pineapple is cutout to look like flames, the chocolate covered strawberries have orange swizzle, and the chocolate covered banana coals bring the fire to life at the mini grill base. I mean c’mon does that not just scream greatest gift for dad? I love sending Edible Arrangements to family who I can’t easily see the day of. A sweet surprise at the door would get a WOW out of any dad. And it sure gets one out of me every time. This is hands down my mom’s favorite thing to receive for any holiday so sending one to dad for Father’s Day I know my mom will also share the enjoyment since she usually answers the door.

To sweeten the deal Edible Arrangements is offering $10 off $50+ purchase now through 6/18 with code:BLOG6716

Arctic Cool

I am always hearing my husband talk about wanting new shirts for the gym, so when I heard about Arctic Cool I knew it would be a perfect gift. What I liked about Arctic Cool is the technology behind it to keep your body cool. The technology functions by using your body’s natural cooling process during high-energy activities. Cool right? Your sweat actually activates the fabric and is initially wicked away from your skin. That’s whee the hydrofreeze comes in and disperses the moisture throughout the clothing fibers, keeping you dry. My first thought was to forget about Father’s Day and snag one for myself! I love the Men’s Instant Cooling Crew Neck Shirt.

A very special gift I have picked out to give to my dad for Father’s Day is Kardia Mobile. Kardia Mobile is a device and app-based service that provides instant analysis for detecting atrial fibrillation (the leading cause of stroke.) It is smaller than a credit card and allows users to take a medical-grade EKG reading anywhere in 30 seconds, which can be relayed to a doctor for instant analysis and diagnosis. Amazing right? This technology is FDA-cleared and made by AliveCor. With my dad getting older and the knowledge of his father suffering from multiple heart attacks I wanted to give my dad something that would ultimately give him more control of his well being with an app that tracks the 5 modifiable risk factors for stroke including: heart rhythm, blood pressure, weight, physical activity and resting heart rate. I think this is a gift that can be given to anyone at any age and is an amazing tool to have at your fingertips.
This one goes out to my sexy husband who hogs the bathroom mirror every morning styling his hair. 😉 For him I chose the Hard Up Gel because he actually doesn’t have any gel, unless you can’t the 3+yr old one under the sink from when I was in cosmetology school. Yeah I wasn’t counting that one either. I chose this particular styling gel because it versatile providing a sculpted, spiked, or sleek on wet hair and on dry hair it will give a messy tousled look. Plus any what guy wouldn’t want to be reminded that his wife thinks he’s sexy every morning, right?!
I think we can all agree that giving music to dad for Father’s Day is the best gift. I got Jake these 2pac and 50 cent records because he has a ton of childhood memories listening to these records and I thought it would defiantly get an “Awww” out of him. Universal Music Group offers tons of different records and if you take a look you might just find exactly what you are looking for.
No matter what gift you get for dad I think we can all agree that dad’s are pretty great. Have a great week.
* Thank you to BabbleBoxx.com on behalf of Singe Edition Media for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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By on June 6, 2017

Hi Everyone!

I don’t know about you but once two o’clock strikes I am dire need of a cup of coffee. Between entertaining a toddler, keeping up on work, and attempting to keep the house clean I need a little pick me up to continue the day running smoothly. I have a simple 3 step routine that always perks me up, so if you need a little midday slump inspiration- this one’s for you.

The first thing I like to do when I can feel the slump starting is drink a bottle of water. Anywhere between 8-16 ounces seem to do the trick. It’s always funny to me how something as simple as drinking a glass of water always improves my mood. Next I like to make a cup coffee. I happen to really love drinking coffee and of course can use any extra pep I can get. My absolute favorite afternoon coffee are VitaCup coffee and tea pods.

VitaCup coffee and tea pods are different because their coffee is blended with essential vitamins. This helps to add that extra perk to your cup and leaves your body feeling great. They offer three different flavors: French Roast, French Vanilla and Green Tea. My favorite is the The French Vanilla K-Cup which has a signature vitamin formulation of B1 (Thiamine), B5, B6, B9 (Folic Acid), Antioxidants, B12 & D3. These vitamins help support functions including immune health, alcohol digestion, and metabolism. This particular vitamin blend is also a healthy coffee alternative to energy drinks. For those late evening slumps when I just can’t justify another cup of coffee I like the green tea option, which is also packed with vitamins.
The best part about these pods is that they are eco friendly. Say whaaat?! That’s right fully recyclable coffee pods – and yes, you can put the plastic directly in your recycling bin. The plastic is BPA free. The grinds are great for your garden or compost pile. The mesh filter is biodegradable. There’s never any dairy, gluten, or GMOs. So for the record that’s a win, win, and win. 🙂
My third and final step of the afternoon slump routine is to snack on fruit. I always get so snacky in the afternoon but nothing leaves me feeling more energized or more fueled than cutting up a few different fruits and enjoying them with my little lady. My favorite fruits to snack on are bananas, cantaloupe, and strawberries. Lila will usually eat a whole banana in the time it takes me to drink my coffee and she is still ready to steal bites of mine. Sometimes I thinks she is a monkey because she could totally live off bananas.
I hope you enjoyed these tips to help overcome the midday slump and that they work for you in your home. Till next time!
*This post has been sponsored by VitaCup. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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By on October 18, 2016

Believe it or not in those 9 everlasting months of being pregnant I read a total of ZERO baby books.  The occasional Pin on Pinterest would catch my eye, and I would flip through the occasional parenting magazine while waiting in the doctor’s office, but for the most part I made a conscious choice not to spend my time reading baby books. Looking back on this choice it seems silly that I was so anti-preparation. I never attended a birth class and I skipped the hospital tour. Perhaps it was my severe state of denial during pregnancy or perhaps it was my fear of learning all of these ‘suppose to’ things and then failing at them.

 Slow Parentingwas something that I adapted and was able to identify with immediately once having Lila. The concept of slow parenting is simple, it’s doing everything at the right speed for your child and being totally present in each moment.

Raising a child shouldn’t be a race to each milestone, it should be filled with love and constant attention every step of the way. This is why I never put Lila a schedule, keeping our moments enriched and natural listening to each other’s cues is what worked best for us. It’s stressful to have alarms going off and having your day revolving around something that makes life seem so rushed. I wanted to soak it all in and savor every second. It’s a refreshing reminder to slow down to actually enjoy moments and adventures.

Having a husband that feels the same way is a huge factor to why this works so well for us. If our daughter wants to sleep, we let her sleep. If our daughter wants to eat, we let her eat. If our daughter wants to stay at the park for two hours, we’re coming home with sunburns. It’s natural for us and it keeps things light. We love to take her places and do things together and I love seeing her curiosity in everything we do.

As Lila gets older and as we look back on when she was a newborn or just a few months old, we don’t feel an ounce of sadness. We were there. Like really, really there. We look back and our hearts feel full knowing that we there raising her and teaching her and loving her. We don’t look back and say “Dang, we really should have gone on dates and gone out alone more.” We are so grateful that each other feels the same way about raising our child and that we have savored each moment so intensely as a family.

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By on October 17, 2016
My absolute favorite thing in the world is baby wearing my little one. I have been baby wearing her since she was just a few weeks old and I know it has given so much strength to our bond. Everywhere we go we have to have the carrier close by because at any second she will want me to hold her and run up to me chirping, “Pouch!”
When she was younger I could spend an entire day out and about with her in the carrier, but ever since she started walking she craves independence and wants to walk beside me. I love holding her handand having walk her next to me. It’s amazing to me that in a matter of months she went from not being able to hold her head up, to holding my hand and walking next to me.

Two crucial things I have used a carrier for is nap time and nursing. If she is in the carrier there is a 99% chance that she is either sleeping or breastfeeding. Both of those things wouldn’t be possible on the go without a carrier and have made day to day life so much easier.

I have always tried to listen my daughter’s cues and I have never enforced a schedule onto her. I don’t think that having a schedule is bad thing, but for me and my lifestyle it was rather unnecessary stress. For me it was more important that she ate when she was hungry and she napped when she was tired. With that came days that she would nap for hours in the carrier and not want to transfer, which my back was not happy about. Looking back I couldn’t be happier with my choice though because I know that the bond we have was strengthened from all those hours upon hours of holding her close to me.

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By on October 5, 2016

I was recently interviewed by friend Corri from Glitter and Bubblesas a Rad Mom. In the interview one of the questions she asked me was, “Give us a glimpse into the timeline of an average day from the time you wakeup until you go to bed.”

I was completely trumped by this question because my instinctive response was “It’s complete chaos until one of us falls asleep.” And that used to be true, but it’s not anymore, and it was a great reminder to wake up everyday and be grateful for where my family is now and to make the most of it. Ever since this interview and making this schedule I noticed we have had easier and happier days together.

An average day for us at home looks like this:

8:00-8:30Wake Up

8:30-9:30Breakfast for Lila (yogurt and fruit) while she watches Elmo or Sofia the First. During this hour I do most of my daily workload.

9:30-10:30I do circuits of walking/jogging/sprinting with Lila in the jogger

10:30-11:30Lunchtime. We will either stop by the market on our jog and get fresh fish or chicken, if not we keep a well stocked fridge of choices.

11:30-12:30I give Lila an after lunch bath and get her into jammies.

12:30 – 3:30 *ideally* Lila takes a nap while I do computer work finishing anything that didn’t get done in the morning.

3:30 – 5:30Afternoon walk and outdoor play.

5:30 – 6:30Dinnertime. I make dinner while Lila plays with her toys and a show plays, then we eat dinner together.

6:30 – 7:30Playtime in Lila’s room.

7:30 – 8:30I give Lila a bath, put her jammies, and get her to sleep for the night.

8:30 – 10:30During this time I catch up on any work I wasn’t able to get done during nap time, and this is when my husband gets home from work. Once he gets home we have our nightly “Netflix & Snacks” and catch each either up on our days.

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By on October 4, 2016
We never had a terrible time with diaper changes, although some required much more effort on my part to supply distractions. I noticed the times where my daughter was playing and I would pick her up to get her diaper changed she was resistant. I finally decided to come to her when it was time for a diaper change.
I’m pretty big into Slow Parenting and also like to create as little rules as possible that aren’t safety related. A minor issue we were facing was diaper changing becoming more and more taxing. When I heard about the Ubbi Diaper Storage Caddy I checked it out and was amazed by how well received the product was from the reviews.
I decided to give it a try and I was amazed at the instant improvement it made. The ease of picking up the diaper caddy and taking it to my daughter wherever she may be when it’s time for a diaper change leaves her much less frustrated. I simply lay her down instead of transporting her and it makes all the difference.
The caddy itself comes with a soft, easy-to-clean changing mat and a slot to store it in. That way wherever you take the caddy there’s a mat to lay your babe down on. The Ubbi Wipes Dispenser has a convenient window to check when wipes are getting low, which I really love. There’s also a drawer where I store a diaper cream and a small toy in case she still needs a minor distraction.

The ever changing location of the diaper change leaves my little one completely unfazed and sometimes she doesn’t even notice. If your little is having trouble with diaper changes,  maybe they just need a traveling location.

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