How I Will Pass Down Beauty Tips To My Daughter

Pantene Nutrient Blends Collection

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pantene. All thoughts and opinions are my own

Self Care Routine

Getting ready for the day looks different in every single house. I like to keep a daily schedule with almost every hour accounted for. This brings me a such a sense of calm. Every morning when my alarm goes off, I wake up right away. Next, I pick up my sleeping daughter, kiss her on the head, tell her good morning, and carry her into the living room. I turn on a show for her, then I go to make her breakfast and bring it back to her. Now that she is waking up, I’ll drink some black coffee and check the notifications on my phone. When her episode is over, and our cups and plates are empty we get ready for the day.

Having a good hair day is my idea of a great day. When my hair looks good, I feel good. I wash my hair 1-2 times a week with Pantene Nutrient Blends Collection Shampoo, Conditioner and then use their Hair Volume Multiplier leave in treatment afterward. It leaves my hair feeling so soft and looking healthy and shiny. I absolutely love the smell as well.

I haven’t always been so disciplined about my self care routine. In fact, it used to not be a priority at all. I slowly began to notice that on the days I took the time to take care of myself in small ways, I felt better about myself. I noticed my posture would shift, my mood would brighten, and my snack choices were wiser. I decided to make a permanent change and take these moments to myself to invest in the day ahead.

Pantene Nutrient Blends Collection

The Hair Volume Multiplier with bamboo shampoo and conditioner are designed to meet the needs of fine-textured hair that looks thin or falls flat. Shampoo removes dirt and oils that can weigh thin hair down; adds body, volume, and fullness. Conditioner for thin hair nourishes and helps strengthen against damage and protect hair’s natural fullness.

  • The Formula is free of silicones, parabens, mineral oil and dyes
  • Color-safe formula is safe for chemically treated hair
  • Formulated with bamboo from the Fujian province in China.

Once showered, it’s time to get dressed! In our house we like to dress comfortable. I work from home and my daughter is home schooled. We save things like jeans and dresses for when we leave the house in the evening or weekends. When I go to my closet, I look for something that I could wear all day while also not being mistaken for athleisure. Some of my go- to outfits include Pocket Tee Dresses, Drawstring Linen Pants, and Sleeveless Blouses. I am comfortable all day whether it’s answering emails, washing dishes, or sitting on the floor next to my daughter playing with toys. If I throw on heels, gold jewelry, and some eye makeup it is able to seamlessly transform into an outfit I can leave the house in. 

Now that I am dressed it’s time to pamper my face. I wash my face with a warm wash cloth, apply eye cream, a vitamin c serum, and moisturizer. Once that soaks in I apply a light layer of medium coverage spf, tinted brow gel, and a colored lip balm. Less is more when it comes to makeup. This takes less than a minute to do and boosts my mood an infinite amount.

Unique Heritage

Everything I know about life from music, to beauty, to movies, and self-love- I have learned from my older sister. Since the day I was born she has been my best friend. I have always looked up to her and she has always set such a great example for me. She has absolutely taught me all of my foundational knowledge about beauty. I remember when she took me to get my very first haircut at a nice salon. That day was so special to me because of the special memory with my sister. I also learned that day how good hair can make you feel unstoppable. 

Some of my earliest memories up until present my sister swears by Pantene. I remember being a little kid, jumping on her bed for her to wake up on Saturday mornings. She would shower and her hair always smelled great after. When she moved out and I would spend the weekend at her house, she still had Pantene in her shower. Just the very smell of it brings back the happy memories of sharing a wall with her. 

Now, we are both moms of kids born just days apart! – In their hair we find ourselves using Pantene products which we know and love. The bottles and scent have become an unspoken part of the family.

How I Will Pass Down Beauty Tips To My Daughter

Beauty is important because it has the power to make you feel amazing. It’s hard to forget the first time your hair is styled, and you look in the mirror. That first feeling of beauty. That is something so special to girls, not matter the age. I always wanted that feeling to be abatable to my daughter. Since she turned three, she’s  had kid- friendly makeup and hair products available to her but there are rules that I feel very strongly about. First, I tell her she is beautiful with or without it. Second, “Not on the eyes.” (For obvious reasons) Third, let your creativity shine and experiment- that’s what it is for. And fourth, you are beautiful with or without it. 

She is always welcome to sit beside me whether I am curling my hair or applying lip stick. Because it has always been available to her in this way, she sees it as ‘fun’ and not a ‘necessity.’ With all my heart I was hoping this would be the case. I hope she can look back when she is my age and know that I was always there for her to be herself. Be sure to pick up the Pantene Nutrient Blends Collection. You can find it here.

If you have any questions leave them in the comments below.


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*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pantene. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


How I will pass down beauty tips to my daughter



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