Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Ready! Say XOXO with OREO

January 30, 2019

*This post is sponsored by on behalf of OREO. Does anyone else get really, like really really, excited for Valentine’s Day? Because I do! It’s one of those holidays that is fun for the sake of being fun! There’s not too much stress involved and it’s the perfect excuse to decorate everything with pink […]

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Easy Dinner That Will Dads’ Will Love

January 2, 2019

Jake went back to work today and as much as we missed him today there was about 40 less dishes in the sink today.  Does anyone else’s husband turn the kitchen into a tornado? Lila and I made Jake’s favorite for dinner: Grilled cheese with sourdough bread and Kraft Singles. A sure thing to put a […]

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Christmas | My Day In LA | Travel

Skypark at Santa’s Village

December 18, 2018

We drove up into the mountains and hit the North Pole. 😱😍 And it turns out it’s even better than we imagine it to be. Gosh I can’t say enough good things about our day at Skypark at Santa’s Village. In fact, I think we are moving in! (To that gingerbread house behind us.)  *Thank you […]

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Mom Style

Goals For The New Year

December 12, 2018

I’m starting to look into the new year and have set a few goals. Sometimes when you don’t have set goals it can be easy to sidetracked or not see how much progress you’ve actually made. I’m not one for the whole ‘new year, new me’ but I am goal getter. And my list just […]

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