I have been carrying a bag for as long as I can remember. And I think most women have. There are just so many things to bring along. Keys, lipgloss, phone, wallet, etc. And then you have a baby and somehow the space that was solely occupied by you and was bursting at the seems, now has to be shared by 2. It took me a long time to find a bag that could be shared by two comfortably. But I finally found a flawless packing system and the only con I have listed on my pro / con list is that I didn’t get it sooner.

The bag I’m sharing with you is the Lorie from Lily Jade Co. If you haven’t heard of Lily Jade Co then you might not even be on Instagram. Seriously their bags are everywhere on the ‘gram and no question why because they are STUNNING! And I guarantee you that if you go to your trending page right now your eye will catch one of their gorgeous and vibrant bags in a photo.

I went with the Lorie bag because it’s a large crossover tote that look gorgeous but can hold a TON of stuff. Being able to hold a ton of stuff is a priority in a diaper bag. She is the perfect “daily” bag and I take her everywhere I go. It also perfectly first my 13″ MacBook Pro which is praise hands emoji in my book. You can also carry it 3 ways: tote, messenger, and backpack. I mostly carry backpack style so that my hands are free, but I also love carrying it tote style too.

The most unique thing about this bag is that it can be paired with a companion bag that fits perfectly inside. The Danielle is a bag that I will be reaching for long after the days of baby. From the second I took this bag out of the packaging I knew it was my favorite bag I have ever owned. It is just the right size and is absolutely gorgeous in person! The color is rich and vibrant and the quality is hands down perfection. It’s everything I ever wanted in a bag.

So whether you’re expecting, looking to upgrade your current diaper bag, or are looking for a freaking amazing lifestyle/travel bag this one right here is a winner.

Lorie Camel & Gold + Danielle Camel & Gold

Use code LJPACKHAPPY with any bag purchase and get free packing cases now through August!

*This post was made in collaboration with Lily Jade Co. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Hello Celeste + Lily Jade Giveaway 2018!



  • Oh wow, this bag looks amazing! I have a rucksack as it doesn’t slip off, but it looks so awful compared to this haha. Thanks for sharing it!

  • I love and need this bag. Is perfect for my work life. Laptop, purse, essentials, all in one! Yes!!

  • Love that you call it “the ‘gram”. Love these bags, wish my family could afford the investment. Perfect for a mom that had to work part time and switch back and forth, leaving the insert with my mother in law and mom when they watch my sweet little newborn. Hope to win this giveaway!

  • When I saw these bags on Instagram I was so excited. I wasnt sure a fashionable daiper bag existed. These are exactly what I had in mind. I just cant spend money right now so i will just keep dreaming of winning one!

  • I love the color of this bag and how big it is to accommodate everything you need on the go! I really hope to win this bag because I currently cannot spend the 300 something for it.

  • I absolutely love Lily Jade’s bags! I love how multi-functioning it is as well as gorgeous! This would be such a time saver and would help me stay more organized.

  • I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LILY JADE daiper bags!???? Not only are they beautiful! They are perfect for motherhood period???? I have 2 twin toddlers, a 1 year old and one on the way December 22nd! And this would be perfect????
    Wish me luck!✨

  • The Wlizabeth in Camel is my fave! I’m a teacher, a mom, and traveler, thus the holder of many things at all times. This bag is perfect because it has the storage I need, the handles are the way I like to carry handbags, and the style + backpack straps are a must in every bag. ❤️ It!

  • I really am hoping I win! Having this beautiful versatile bag would be so helpful with everyday use between work and mommy duties!

  • These bags look absolutely amazing … Fashion forward and make life so much simpler especially consolidating bag space. I have a toddler and a week old boy. Between lugging my stuff as well as two kiddos I could use all the help I can get. Payperwork diapers bottles blankets and everything in between … This bag is what I desperately need in my life ❤❤❤❤

  • All bag look awesome but I love the lorie. I am such a bag lady. This would be such a time saver and would help me stay more organized with my three kids.????????????


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