Must Haves To Party Pretty For The Holidays

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I don’t know how Babbleboxx always hits the nail on the head, but they really do. This year’s holiday gift box couldn’t have been better for me.

All of the items I received are things I will absolutely use and I’m really excited to show you each of them.

Airsponge and Airsponge Full Coverage from Baseblue Cosmetics 

Good makeup sponges are an absolute must this day and age, they make all the difference when applying creams, liquids, and even powders. Airsponge delivers on quality, feel, and durability. Plus their packaging is just so cute!


Makeup formula sponge blender with buildable coverage. Use the AirSponge to flaunt your best makeup techniques and achieve a natural, sheer finish effortlessly! This hydrophilic beauty tool swells in size when wet to prevent absorption and product waste from foundations, liquids, powders and creams when applied to the sponge. 

Airsponge Full Coverage

Makeup formula sponge blender with buildable full coverage. Flawlessly achieve an even and smooth-looking complexion with the AirSponge Full Coverage. This squishy beauty tool is great for creating medium to heavy makeup applications with all formulations including creams, liquids, powder foundations and concealers. When wet, the AirSponge Full Coverage delivers the most coverage because its foam cells absorb water to keep product at the surface while blocking formula buildup inside the sponge.

Holiday Snowman Makeup Sponge

This limited-edition hydrophilic sponge is the perfect stocking stuffer for the festive season! Designed to absorb water and expand in size when damp, the Holiday Snowman Makeup Sponge performs well dry and ascends in performance when wet to reduce product buildup. Use the beauty applicator to apply foundations, concealers and powders and get maximum formula coverage across the skin to attain an even and radiant complexion. Position the pointed tip to maneuver around small crevices with precision and use the bottom end to effortlessly buff large areas around the face and body.

Apply and blend for a smooth, streak-free finish with liquid and powder formulations that looks naturally flawless. Designed to absorb water and expand in size when damp, the limited-edition Holiday Snowman Makeup Sponge performs well dry and ascends in performance when wet to reduce product buildup. Get ultimate coverage across the skin to attain an even and radiant complexion. Position the pointed tip to maneuver around small crevices with precision and use the bottom end to effortlessly buff large areas around the face and body. The pinched middle area allows for a better comfort grip for effortless and expert application. Suitable for larger areas like the sides of the nose, cheeks, and forehead.   

Can be found here.

Forever One 1.00CTW Round Moissanite Solitaire Stud Earrings in 14K White Gold from Charles & Colvard

I think everyone should have a beautiful set of diamond studs like these, but why do they need to be real diamonds and cost so much more when Moissanite looks even better and will make you every bit as happy for so much less!

These are some of their best-selling stud earrings! Perfect for every day or an amped up night out. Enchantingly simple, delightfully stylish. These round cut Forever One Colorless (D-E-F) moissanite studs have a 1.00 ctw (carat total weight) and measure 5.0mm.

Moissanite is the world’s most brilliant gem. It’s a white gemstone with unique optical properties that outsparkles all others. Moissanite is a naturally occurring gemstone that is recreated and perfected through beautiful, iterative and patented science in a lab. It’s not a diamond simulant – or a diamond wannabe. Moissanite is made, not mined. Because it’s not mined, tremendous amounts of earth aren’t displaced, and water isn’t contaminated in the creation process.

Save Big this Black Friday and Cyber Week (no code necessary!) with up to 25% off all jewelry* from Monday, November 25th – Tuesday, December 3rd at 11:59pm PT 

This is one of their biggest sales of the year! If a holiday engagement or jewelry gift is on your list, now is definitely the time to buy.

Can be found here.

Great Shapes Opaque Shaping Tights from No nonsense

Every girl needs a really good set of tights, or ten… and I have gone through a lot of pairs over the years that either didn’t quite fit right, weren’t comfortable, or didn’t last beyond one wear. Let’s just say I now have quite a few of these in my drawer because these check all of the right boxes for me.

The No nonsense Great Shapes Opaque Shaping Tights keeps you confident and stylish for fall! A shaping panty smooths and slims from tummy to thigh. Our unique smart temp technology keeps you cool and comfortable! 40 denier medium coverage and proudly made in the USA.

TIGHTSFSH – Use this promo code to get free shipping on this product or any other No nonsense tights on

Can be found here.

INSTAX Mini Link and instax Mini Film from FUJIFILM

If you’re like me you have ten million photos in your iPhone camera roll and after posting the few that make the cut for instagram they just accumulate and nothing ever happens with them, until now. With the INSTAX Mini Link and Film I can print my photos so easily, and basically turn them into adorable little pictures to make the memory more tangible. It’s so much fun and so easy to use.

LINK is a new mini film format printer. Flip the printer vertically or horizontally to change the app mode 

Fun Mode: Simply take a photo and select the ‘Take the test’ function or challenge yourself to a quiz in the ‘Leave it to fate’ function. Connect with up to five friends to create a unique INSTAX print! Turn on Surprise Mode to keep the final image a secret until it develops. Choose from 27 fun frame designs to add to your photo. Choose from 14 collage styles or split your photo across more than one INSTAX print. 

Print Mode: Edit and print photos and frames from a video from your smartphone. To get your best shot, tilt the printer to zoom in and out then press the power button to take a photo. Turn the printer upside down and press the power button to reprint your last INSTAX photo. Photos print in just 12 seconds after the image is sent from your smartphone. Approximately 100 photos can be printed continuously (when printer is fully charged). *Requires the INSTAX MINI LINK app, available for free.*

Can be found here.


I’ll be the first to admit that most days lately I can be found in my smart watch because it’s really convenient, but that being said, there is something really special and timeless about putting on a great analog watch. Since getting the G-SHOCK I have found myself finding reasons to put it on really often, and have really enjoyed going back to just telling the time rather than being distracted by notifications all day.

The G-MS MSGS200G models feature a sleek, upscale look with colorways including a light blush band (MSGS200G-4A), or dark brown band (MSGS200G-5A) and include solar-powered charging capabilities and a Super Illuminator LED light to ensure that they are able to last all-day and provide maximum visibility at night. The bezel is made of forged stainless steel and boasts mirror and hair-line finishing treatment on the surface to enhance the overall look. 

The timepiece’s durable resin bands give them a sleek look while still upholding the hallmark of absolute toughness that G-SHOCK is known for. Features include solar-powered charging capabilities; 100M water resistance, shock resistance, daily alarm, countdown timer, and more. Models combine sophisticated style with functionality for everyday life, with natural colorways and a forged stainless steel bezel that boasts mirror and hair-line finishing treatment on the surface to enhance the overall look.

Can be found here.

MoxieLash PR Pack from MoxieLash

I have been on a huge lash kick lately as you’ve probably seen if you watch my Instagram stories. I have found a few that I like, and several that I won’t use again. The MoxieLash Pack absolutely makes the cut for lashes that I will use again and again, they’re great!

Baby Lash – Get the look of naturally subtle, full, wispy volume, and mid-length lashes with ultimate comfort. Perfect as your go-to for every day, or to bump your lash-look in seconds for a special occasion or night out. Their ‘Baby Lash’ magnetic lash style gives you the look of soft and natural lash-extensions without the glue or fill time. 

Classy Lash – Their ‘Classy’ magnetic lash give you the most natural lash look with a touch of glam. This MoxieLash style was created to boost your lash-look game with criss-crossed layered lashes for a naturally gorgeous look that’s wearable for everyday. 

Sassy Lash – If you’re eXtra and you know it bat that lash. Their MoxieLash original ‘Sassy Lash’ brings the mood with a slightly dense and bold feathered lash, perfect for a cat eye or to add some extra sass to any look. Add length and volume in seconds with our one of a kind, lightweight and comfortable-wear, magnetic lashes. 

Flashy Lash – Flaunt that flash, babe. Their original MoxieLash ‘Flashy Lash’ transforms your eyes in seconds with ultra-wispy, layered and feathered out lashes. Lightweight and comfortable to wear. Perfect for a night out or just because you can. 

Baddy Lash – They created the ultimate mood provoking magnetic lash with serious volume and length. Get dangerously sexy, bold, and 1000% fierce lashes with our original MoxieLash ‘Baddy Lash’. Comfortable and lightweight with an easy-on application, giving you a lash look so powerful it should be criminal. 

Money Lash – Want Money—honey? You’re not a “honey”– you’re a badass. So say it louder with their original MoxieLash ‘Money Lash.’ Get lux-feathered lashes, rich volume, and lavishly sexy length. Comfortable and lightweight with easy-on application, giving you lashes so gaudy, they’ll be your new currency. 

Sexy Lash – You don’t “bring sexy back”–you just are. Period. So turn up the heat with our original MoxieLash ‘Sexy Lash.’ Add stunning length and volume in seconds with fanned out, layered and stacked lashes so sultry, they’ll think you were born this way. 

Brown Magnetic Eyeliner – Line your lashes with our first-ever BROWN Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner formula. Get pigment-packed definition with their easy to use, precision tip applicator that makes lash lining a total breeze while also locking into place magnetic lashes. 

Black Magnetic Eyeliner – Line your lashes with their pigment-packed, first ever Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner formula by MoxieLash. Get bold definition with our easy to use, precision tip applicator that makes lash lining a total breeze while also locking into place your magnetic lashes. 

Mini Magnetic Eyeliner – They took their pigment-packed, bad ass magnetic liquid eyeliner and made a “mini me”. Our travel-friendly liner option makes it easy to get bold definition on the go with its precision tip applicator. Fits in your pocket, easy to use, and locks in magnetic lashes like a boss. 

Applicator – Make applying MoxieLash magnetic lashes even more simplified with the original Magnetic Applicator. Made with stainless steel and brushed with Rose Gold, this unique lash tool has one end for application, and the other for perfecting your eyelash look.

Code: LASHWITHUS – 15% off from November 1-30

Can be found here.

So if it’s time to find some great gifts for the ladies in your life, or if it’s just time to treat yo’self, I absolutely recommend each of these options.

There must be some wizards over at Babbleboxx because somehow it’s like they know me even better than I know myself.


*Thank you to Babbleboxx for sponsoring this post



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