It’s Friday! Can I get a woot woot?? This has been the week of all weeks. I have been so burnt out from last weekend’s emergency with taking Lila in an ambulance to the emergency room + 30 hours in the pediatric ward. There’s nothing like a huge life scare to get you feeling grateful for all of the amazing things right in front of you. I have been squeezing my baby girl and savoring every second with her. I am so so so lucky and I am just really grateful that is she is okay. Doctor’s are amazing and I will forever be grateful. I am still living with my nerves on high blast and I feel like I’m in a permanent dizzy spell. Today I can already I feel my second cup of coffee wearing off and I’m sneaking cuddles in whenever I can.

I am such a worry wort anyways. I feel like I am always worrying about something and I seriously hate that feeling. I have been trying to work on that. Just to get rid of some anxiety or pressure points. Things that I am worrying about, but really shouldn’t be. I made a list of things that bother me or worry. Then I thought about what are some ways to fix the things bother me. (Also, a little tip for you: make lists when you feel stressed. That always helps, even just a little for me!) One of the things I realized had an easy solution I never knew about before I am not even a little bit shy to tell you about. Because mom’s- pushing a baby out makes you pee when you laugh, pee when you sneeze, and pee when you squat. I know keagles are at the top of every new mom’s to do list and do help a ton. But sometimes you need a to call in for backup!

Finess works by temporarily stopping urine from leaking out so you can be stress free and enjoy all of life’s moments. Finess is placed over the opening where urine leaves the body and the gentle hydrogel adhesive seals it in place, preventing any urine from leaking out until it’s removed. It’s seriously such a genius invention and I only wish I had a box sent home with me from the hospital.

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*Thank you to Finess for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.