Goals For 2021 To Grow Your Blog

Goals For 2021 To Grow Your Blog

*Thank you to Constant Contact for kindly sponsoring this post.

My goals for the new year include spending more time on my blog. I love working on my blog and spending time on new projects. One thing that I haven’t spent more than a few minutes on is learning the ins and outs of email marketing. I wrote a list of 3 goals for myself for 2021 and becoming proficient in email marketing was one of them. When I set a goal for myself, I like to set myself for success. So, I set up a call with a Marketing Advisor at Constant Contact. They can do it all from email, to social, and to search marketing tools. I can’t wait to get the conversation started and learn more about online marketing for my blog.

Constant Contact is a leader in online marketing with a mission to provide people with a smarter way to market an idea, small business, or cause online. Their platform has all the right tools, all in one place—

  • logo maker 
  • intelligent website builder 
  • email marketing
  • social media posting and monitoring
  • search marketing tools 
  • Online stores

…all to help you find new customers, keep them coming back and do more business online. Paired with award-winning marketing advisors who know marketing across industries inside and out—and provide practical advice at every step of the way — they offer the right approach to online marketing to achieve the results you want. 

Last week I set up an account with Constant Contact. They are wizards over there and can do it all! After I set up my account, I booked a call with one of their Marketing Advisors and I got to ask them all the questions. They gave me tons of great advice and made me feel so much more knowledgeable in a short amount of time. 

On the call, we discussed tons of different tasks like 

  • Text to sign up
  • Sign up forms
  • Welcome email
  • Thank you emails
  • Creating a contact list

The Marketing Advisor first wanted me to tell her about my business and what I was looking to gain. She was a great listener and knew just what questions to ask. She made great recommendations based on the goals I mentioned. She was really excited to share with me the text to sign up option which I never even considered before. I was surprised how easy that tool is to use, and I can’t wait to start using it. 

While we were on the phone, she walked me through creating a welcome email for new subscribers. There are tons of templates to pick from that you can completely customize to your liking. I loved how you could change everything to fit your branding. The site was so intuitive and easy to use. If I did have a question, I had my screen shared with the Advisor so we could be on the same page- literally.

The last thing that we talked about was creating a contact list. She let me know I could input my existing contacts very easily and even showed me the process. I ended the call feeling like I knew so much about email marketing, when I started the call feeling like I knew nothing. The advisor did such a great job explaining everything and making sure she was going over the features that would best suit my business. 

We even set up a call for next month so they can check in and make sure I am meeting my goals. I am seriously so impressed with them and how easy they made it to tackle email marketing.  

If you have any questions about Goals For 2021 To Grow Your Blog leave them in the comments below.


*Thank you to Constant Contact for kindly sponsoring this post.


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