Dream Seekers Dolls

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Does anyone else’s kid insist on bringing a toy everywhere? Honestly I don’t mind at all. I love seeing Lila’s imagination grow and I also love toys myself, so girlfriend scored with a total sucker of a mom! Her newest toy that she takes everywhere is Luna, a Dream Seekers doll. I love that she is so soft and timeless. It’s a doll I totally would have played with as a kid also! 

My daughter gravitated to Luna because of her gorgeous light blue and white colors. My daughter thought she was SO beautiful and I have to agree, she is magical! When we read about Luna we found out she was a dancer, too! She has the cutest ballet shoes that Lila loves and wants to match her. Her look is soft and stylish and matches my daughter’s personality so well.

This is a doll she can take everywhere, play with at home, or even sleep with. She is such a special doll and has given my daughter confidence and endless playtime.


Who are the Dream Seekers? 


  • Dream Seekers are mystical friends who are here to share their dreams and inspire you to follow your own dreams.
  • There are 3 core dolls: Luna, Hope & Bella 
  • They are meant to hold your dreams and give you the courage to make them come true. 
  • Dream Seekers are a range of three beautifully crafted soft dolls with unique personalities. 
  • The dolls are wholesome, timeless, and inspiring, helping you achieve your dreams! 
  • Write your dreams inside the Dreamy Moon Packaging for your Dream Seeker to keep and protect! 


Meet the Dream Seekers!


Bella is an animal lover! 

She dreams that all animals will be treated with love and kindness! Her magical outfit reflects this in her edgy kitty inspired style with her purrrfect accessories! Her layered Pom-pom skirt is removable along with her cute, molded sneakers! Her bright pink deluxe glitter tulle wings give her such a cool style! 


Hope is always beaming with color and positivity! 

She dreams that everyone can find their own rainbow of happiness. Her magical outfit reflects this in its bright and colorful carefree style! Her layered rainbow skirt has a transparent overlay of soft white clouds and is removeable along with her edgy molded sneakers! Her bright holographic wings have a rainbow pattern that gives her such a sweet chic look! 


Luna is a dancer and will stop at nothing until she reaches her dream! 

She believes that confidence can help everyone achieve their dreams. Luna’s magical outfit reflects her passion and gracefulness. So light and elegant she almost appears to float as she dances! Her multi layered glitter tulle skirt is removable along with her cute ballet shoes! Her super soft feather-like plush wings give her such a soft stylish look! 


Each Dream Seeker Doll Includes:

  • 3 Hair Clips and a Comb to style their beautiful long hair! 
  • beautiful wings and removable fashions! 
  • You can pose and display your Dream Seeker in the magical Moon Packaging! 


Dream Seekers dolls available now!


*Thank you to Moose Toys for sponsoring this post


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