Father’s Day Decor From Big Dot of Happiness

Father’s Day Decor From Big Dot of Happiness

Big Dot of Happiness Father's Day
Big Dot of Happiness Father's Day
Big Dot of Happiness Father's Day
Big Dot of Happiness Father's Day
Big Dot of Happiness Father's Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner and boy, oh boy do we love dad in our house. I love any occasion to celebrate him, decorate, and make some fun memories. Father’s Day is such a great day to give dad a day to relax with no pressure to do anything he doesn’t want to! A day off with a drink in hand and good food sounds like a success to me!

When I think of decor for Father’s Day I think of blue, orange, and white. Are those the standard dad colors or what? I know Jake doesn’t share my love for balloons so when it comes to decor I think of big signs, banners, and a GIANT card. Who doesn’t love a giant card?! 

I looked at tons of retailers and went with Big Dot of Happiness. They had so many fun items that were exactly the theme and style I was looking for! Here is what added to my cart:

Even though we don’t have a yard, a yard set comes with so many large decor pieces that you can hang or place around the house! There are tons of options inside the set and a variety of sizes. You can make it feel really festive really quick with a set like this! If you do have a yard then that’s also a great way to surprise dad morning of with a special message to him and the whole block! 

We have a tradition for every holiday or birthday to have a banner hanging over our breakfast nook. This banner had several options to create it exactly as I wanted.

Now for the GIANT card! Can you tell how excited I am for this?! I love giant cards. The wow factor alone is so grand! This jumborific card is the perfect card to let your kids draw a special picture and write a special note to dad that can entertain them for hours. Think of how big their canvas is!

As I was ready to checkout I saw these adorable Bottle Labels. My husband loves glass bottle soda so I grabbed a few of his favorite flavors and added these festive stickers. I think it’s so cute and he will love having this favorite glass bottle soda on hand for Father’s Day. 

I hope everyone is looking forward to a fun holiday to celebrate the dad in your life. I have a few fun crafts planned for my daughter to make as her homemade present so be sure to follow along on my Instagram stories!

If you have any questions you can leave them in the comments below for me to answer.

XO, Celeste Wright 

*Thank you to Big Dot of Happiness for sponsoring this post


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