My Haircare Regimen: Fine/Medium Wavy Blonde Hair

Messy house or hair roots- which one to tackle first? Thankful my skin is finally getting with the program. #threedayweekend #partysover

For the past few months I have been using a few new products from Joico and after one use I was obsessed. I have fine wavy hair, but tons of it. It can be tricky finding products that do what I want them to.

I didn’t have high expectations before trying them, and since they were brand new I didn’t read any reviews. After using these 4 products in order my hair was so soft, shiny, and felt hydrated. I have been using them for a few months now and I couldn’t imagine using anything else. My hair is so easy to brush after the shower too. A huge plus!

Here’s a little bit about each product, along with a link to shop if you have similar hair.

JOICO Hydra Splash Nourishing Shampoo

The luxurious lather of Hydra Splash Hydrating Shampoo swiftly cleanses away residue without stripping much needed natural moisture, leaving hair brilliantly clean, soft, and looking healthy. Features & Benefits: Luxurious lather thoroughly cleanses hair without stripping natural moisture.

JOICO Hydra Splash Gelee Masque

Make sure you keep your hair full of hydration at all times with this gelee masque. Designed to detangle your hair while replenishing shine, health and hydration at the same time! Provides 24-hour hydration and reduces frizz for a soft and smooth appearance.

JOICO Hydra Splash Replenishing Leave In

Joico Hydra Splash Hydrating Replenishing Leave In. Perfect as a pre blow dry, leave in after your cleanse and condition routine, this replenishing hydrator delivers a dose of nourishment and banishes frizz that results in brilliantly supple, soft, shiny hair. Features & Benefits: … Reduces frizz.

JOICO Zero Heat For Fine/Medium Hair Air Dry Styling Creme

Without the heft of a heavy crèmeZero Heat for Fine/Medium Hair delivers a natural-looking, no-blowdry style while reducing frizz and boosting shine. Style your hair in seconds–that’s the beauty of this time-saving, polishing crème that provides long-lasting, airdried style while keeping frizz at bay.

If you have any questions let me know in the comments. I hope you love these as much as I do!


* Products c/o Joico. All Opinions are my own.