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April 30, 2018

Happy Monday everyone! I wanted to take a second to introduce a new series called MOM STYLE MONDAY. I know I use this space primarily to share what Lila is wearing because all my finds are usually either yoga pants or from target. But I know most of you mamas reading this are in the same boat as me so I am gonna dedicate one post a week to things I find for Mama. This week I was on the hunt for a pair of sandals to wear sometimes for a short periods of time. I got a little carried away shopping but the variety of pastels is so fun for spring I think. Also I have been low key living in these sandals and they are most favorite purchase in a long long time.


1  / 2  / 3  / 4  / 5  / 6


1  / 2  / 3  / 4  / 5  / 6

  1. I personally like #2 but Ive been seeing a lot and hearing about #5 shoe. Must be a new trend 🙂 They’re all super cute!

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