Growing Seeds And Growing Up

Lately Lila has been asking me how come we don’t have any plants to water at home. (Umm because your mom can’t keep plants alive sweetie. 😂) She begged me to get her a pot + seeds because she wanted to have her own plant that she could water. 🌱 I mean- how could I say no to that?!☺️
We spent the morning getting dirt, seeds, and a pot. 👏🏻 And girlfriend got her wish. I love seeing what she comes up with and I’m so glad I get to be along for the ride. 🧡 For all of our adventures we keep a @gogosqueez within reach. It gives her the right nourishment to fuel her imagination. 🌈 Inspired by GoGo squeeZ, next on her list is to grow an Apple. 🍎 We will see how these flowers go first! 🌸
#BeTime #GoGosqueeZPartner