The Little Lady


October 17, 2016
My absolute favorite thing in the world is baby wearing my little one. I have been baby wearing her since she was just a few weeks old and I know it has given so much strength to our bond. Everywhere we go we have to have the carrier close by because at any second she will want me to hold her and run up to me chirping, “Pouch!”
When she was younger I could spend an entire day out and about with her in the carrier, but ever since she started walking she craves independence and wants to walk beside me. I love holding her handand having walk her next to me. It’s amazing to me that in a matter of months she went from not being able to hold her head up, to holding my hand and walking next to me.

Two crucial things I have used a carrier for is nap time and nursing. If she is in the carrier there is a 99% chance that she is either sleeping or breastfeeding. Both of those things wouldn’t be possible on the go without a carrier and have made day to day life so much easier.

I have always tried to listen my daughter’s cues and I have never enforced a schedule onto her. I don’t think that having a schedule is bad thing, but for me and my lifestyle it was rather unnecessary stress. For me it was more important that she ate when she was hungry and she napped when she was tired. With that came days that she would nap for hours in the carrier and not want to transfer, which my back was not happy about. Looking back I couldn’t be happier with my choice though because I know that the bond we have was strengthened from all those hours upon hours of holding her close to me.

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