Adjusting To Daylight Savings Time

I was not affected by the time change at all this morning- until I had my 5 year old immediately fell asleep on me in church. After 2 hours of a snoozing kiddo in my lap I learned she has gotten quite heavy recently. 😅
I made a meal plan for the week and my goal is to only eat home from now until Saturday.📝🍴
I have been a terrible cook my whole life, but I have been slowly gaining confidence in the kitchen and I am hoping we can get through the week. 🤞🏻 I’ll be sharing what we are eating daily in my stories if you want to follow along. (All vegan recipes.)
Now off to change all the clocks in the house. Do you change them right away like me or do you have the wrong time in your house for a little longer? ⏰😅